Monday, November 15, 2021

Argentina’s Peronists set to lose control of Congress | Al Jazeera

Voters in Argentina have dealt a severe blow to the ruling Peronist party in midterm elections, according to preliminary results, with the centre-left party of President Albert Fernandez on track to lose its majority in Congress after almost 40 years.

With a majority of national votes tallied on Sunday, the conservative opposition Juntos held strong leads in key swing Senate races, a development that would see it erase the ruling party’s majority and hobble Fernandez’s ability to push through legislation without opposition support.

Juntos was also ahead in races for lower-house seats, including an important battle in the populous province of Buenos Aires, usually a stronghold for the Peronists.

The results are seen as a “punishment” vote against the Fernandez government amid spiraling inflation and growing poverty.

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