Monday, November 15, 2021

Dual US-Israeli Citizens Control American Mainstream Media: Scholar - Tasnim News Agency

The New York Times, CNN, NBC

(Tasnim) – A professor emeritus of philosophy of science at the University of Minnesota Duluth said that the American government, Congress and media, are under full control of dual US-Israeli citizens.

“Sad to say, among the very designs, our massive censorship is taking place everywhere and the dual citizens, US-Israelis, control our mainstream media,” said James H. Fetzer, a professor emeritus of philosophy of science at the University of Minnesota Duluth, shared his views on the decline of the United Sates in an interview with the secretariat of the 2nd International Conference on the Decline of the United States: The Post-American World.

“I think the world needs to appreciate the extent to which the American government, in particular, Congress and the media, are under control of Israelis. I have a poster of 100 executives from The New York Times, CNN, NBC, for example; every one of them is a dual US-Israeli citizen,” he added.

“Massive propaganda giving the Israeli perspective on virtually every issue,” he added, “through media–that they themselves control–now is censoring three major issues in the United States: First, the election of 2020; second, the pandemic itself and the use of the vaccine; and third, the January 6th intrusion into the capitol.”.....

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