Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Putin Accuses West Of Deceiving Poor Countries Regarding Grain Deal

The West has betrayed the poorest countries by breaking the agreements of the grain deal, but Russia will continue working on ensuring that food reaches global markets, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

"All this pressure that was exerted on us by our quasi-partners and our geopolitical opponents, it was based precisely on Russia's call to ensure the interests of the poorest economies, to prevent hunger in these countries," Putin said at a plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok.

Russia has done and is doing everything that is expected of it to ensure the implementation of the agreements, the president stressed.

"But it turned out that once again it was just, as people say in our country, we were rudely cheated and dumped. And not only us, but also the poorest countries under the pretext of ensuring (their) interests," Putin said.

The 7th EEF is held from September 5-8 in Vladivostok, on the Far Eastern Federal University campus. The Sputnik news agency is an information partner of the forum.

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  1. Почти все зерно, которое вывезли с Украины в рамках продуктовой сделки, убыло в страны Евросоюза, а не беднейшим странам. Последним ушло только два судна. Об этом в среду заявил президент Российской Федерации Владимир Путин в ходе выступления на пленарной сессии Восточного экономического форума.

    Глава государства отметил, что европейцы по отношению к беднейшим странам продолжают вести себя как колонизаторы. По его словам, Россия сделала все необходимое, чтобы украинское зерно было вывезено и интересы голодающих стран были обеспечены.


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