Friday, September 2, 2022

US Inks Deal to Sell ‘Israel’ Four Refueling Planes ‘For Potential Iran Strike’ – Al-Manar TV Lebanon

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing signed a contract with the US War Department on Thursday to supply the ‘Israeli’ occupation entity with four KC-46 refueling planes, the company said in a statement.

The multi-role aircraft makes mid-air refueling possible for warplanes and other aircraft, but can also be used for military transport.

For the Tel Aviv regime, the aircraft are seen as necessary to conduct potential major strikes against targets in Iran, some 2,000 kilometers from the ‘Israeli’-occupied Palestinian territories and far outside the normal flight range of ‘Israeli’ jets.

The KC-45 aircraft are to replace the ‘Israeli’ Air Force’s current fleet of aging refueling planes, which includes KC-130 Hercules and converted Boeing 707s.

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