Thursday, November 17, 2022

Special operation does not depend on weather conditions — Kremlin spokesman

The special military operation in Ukraine does not depend on weather conditions, it is continuing and its goals will be achieved, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the media on Thursday.

"The special military operation is continuing, it does not depend on climatic or weather conditions," Peskov said. He added that "its goals must be achieved."

While answering a question about millions of Ukrainian citizens who remained without electric and thermal power supply on November 15 due to combat operations at a time when weather forecasts predicted lower air temperatures, Peskov said that this was a result of strikes on military infrastructure due to Kiev’s reluctance to conduct negotiations with Russia.

As he commented on the massive strike that the Russian Armed Forces carried out on Ukraine’s military command and control system and the related energy facilities on November 15, Peskov stressed that "the infrastructure facilities in question were directly or indirectly related to the military potential of Ukraine and the Ukrainian regime."

"The unwillingness of the Ukrainian side to resolve the problem and to enter into negotiations, moreover, the Ukrainian side’s rejection of an agreed understanding of the text [of the Istanbul agreements] and so on are the root causes of the consequences. This is what is worth talking about, too," he stressed, while answering a question about how the military aims of the special operation correlated with the effects on the peaceful life of ordinary citizens.

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