Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Germany called Kyiv's attacks on Moscow legitimate from the point of view of international law

The official representative of the German government, Steffen Hebestreit, called the UAF strikes on Russian civilian targets legitimate from the point of view of international law. This is how he commented on the Ukrainian drone attack on Moscow on May 30.

    “I gave an assessment not of the drone attack on Moscow itself, but an assessment from the point of view of international law. International law considers such strikes legitimate,” TASS quotes the words of a representative of the German Cabinet.

 The drone attack on Moscow took place early in the morning the day before. In total, eight aircraft-type UAVs were recorded. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, five of them were shot down by air defense systems, three were remotely disabled. Several residential skyscrapers of the capital were damaged. Their facades were damaged and windows were broken. All fragments of drones were collected by experts, a criminal case was opened.

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  1. Официальный представитель правительства Германии Штеффен Хебештрайт назвал удары ВСУ по российским гражданским объектам легитимными с точки зрения международного права. Так он прокомментировал атаку украинских дронов на Москву 30 мая.

    «Я дал оценку не собственно атаке беспилотников на Москву, но оценку с точки зрения международного права. Международное право считает такие удары легитимными», - приводит ТАСС слова представителя немецкого кабмина.

    Хебештрайт напомнил, что официальный Берлин передает оружие Киеву не для атак по российской территории, а для обороны собственных рубежей.


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