Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Kiev’s drones attacked Kremlin at night, Putin unharmed — presidential press service - VIDEO



Russian President Vladimir Putin was not harmed and continues to work as usual after Kiev’s attempted drone attack against the Kremlin this night, the presidential press service said on Wednesday.

"The Russian president was not harmed as a result of the terrorist attack. His schedule has not changed and continues as usual," the press service said.

According to the press service, this night "the Kiev regime carried out an attempt to deliver a strike by unmanned aerial vehicles on the Kremlin residence of the Russian president." "Two unmanned aerial vehicles targeted the Kremlin," it said.

"As a result of timely actions taken by military and special services using electronic warfare systems, the drones were disabled," the Kremlin stated. "Their fall and the fragments scattered around on the territory of the Kremlin caused no casualties or material damage," the press service stressed.

The Russian president on Tuesday worked in St. Petersburg, where he gave the go-ahead to resume tram traffic in Mariupol via video link, held a meeting with the government and a number of other working meetings. Putin also met in person with famous Russian conductor Valery Gergiev, who marked his 70th birthday...[TASS] 




  1. Russia says it downed two drones that targeted the Kremlin in Moscow last night and accused Ukraine of attempting to kill President Vladimir Putin.

    Unverified footage on social media appeared to show an object flying over the Kremlin before a small explosion.

    Ukraine said it had nothing to do with the drone strike.

  2. Ukraine on Wednesday announced it had “nothing to do” with an alleged drone attack on the Kremlin, which Moscow said was a Ukrainian attempt on President Vladimir Putin's life.

    Russia said two drones targeted Putin’s Kremlin residence at night, calling it a Ukrainian “terrorist attack” ahead of its most important holiday on May 9.

    “Ukraine has nothing to do with drone attacks on the Kremlin,” presidential spokesman Mikhaylo Podolyak said.


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