Monday, May 22, 2023

Russia says F-16 transfer to Ukraine would raise questions

The transfer of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine would raise the question of NATO's involvement in the conflict, Russia's Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said in remarks published early on Monday.

Antonov also said in remarks published on the embassy's Telegram messaging channel that any Ukrainian strike on Crimea would be considered a strike on Russia.

 “There is no infrastructure for the operation of the F-16 in Ukraine and the needed number of pilots and maintenance personnel is not there either,” Antonov said in remarks published on the embassy’s Telegram messaging channel on Monday.


  1. Washington’s approval of Ukraine’s strike on Crimea with Western weapons indicates that the US has no interest in peace, Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said Sunday.

    "Washington has totally bent G7 members to its will in regards to the conflict in Ukraine. Moreover, it has seriously tightened its approaches on two important issues. I am referring to the handover of F-16 planes to the Kiev regime, as well as unconditional approval of strikes on Crimea with American and other Western weapons. Such steps once again make it clear that the US has never been interested in peace," he said.

    The envoy added that Russia will view strikes on Crimea "as an attack on any other region of the Russian Federation," and called on the US to consider potential response measures from Russia.

    Antonov also pointed out that Ukraine lack infrastructure to use F-16 planes, as well as the required number of pilots and maintenance crews. According to Antonov, all this raises concerns about NATO’s future involvement in the conflict “when US planes will take off from NATO airfields, piloted by foreign ‘volunteers’,” he said.

  2. Вице-премьер крымского правительства Георгий Мурадов заявил, что согласие США в лице помощника Байдена по нацбезопасности Джейка Салливана на применение американской авиации против Крыма является одобрением ядерной войны.

    «По недомыслию или из злого умысла Белый дом в лице Салливана своим согласием на применение американской авиации против Крыма одобрил развязывание ядерной войны. Ситуация проста как дважды два, если Салливан вообще способен делать простейшие политические вычисления», - рассказал Мурадов РИА Новости.


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