Friday, May 26, 2023

Serbia president puts military on combat alert, orders army to move

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic placed the country's army on full combat alert and ordered its units to move closer to the border with Kosovo, the Tanjug news agency reported on Friday.

Vucic's orders came as Serbs in the northern Kosovo's municipality of Zvecan clashed with Kosovo police who were trying to help the newly elected ethnic Albanian mayor enter his office.

 the Serbian president issued a decree ordering the armed forces to immediately move to the administrative border of Kosovo and Metohija as a response to [Prime Minister of the unrecognized Republic of Kosovo Albin] "Kurti’s special police <...> using violent tactics against the Serbian residents of Zvecan, Zubin Potok and Leposavic."

The head of state also called on NATO officials to take urgent measures to end the violence being perpetrated against the Serbian population of Kosovo, the report said.

The Serbian president’s move comes amid rising tensions in four Serb-populated municipalities in the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija, where Kosovar law enforcement officers are trying to seize administrative buildings despite local residents’ attempts to defend them. Media outlets have reported of sirens going off, disruptions in mobile communications and law enforcement’s use of stun grenades and tear gas.


  1. Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Milos Vucevic has confirmed that Serbia’s armed forces have been ordered to rapidly advance to the administrative border with Kosovo and Metohija.

    "Serbian President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces Aleksandar Vucic has signed a decree raising the combat readiness of the Serbian armed forces to the highest level and ordered them to move rapidly toward the administrative line with Kosovo and Metohija," he wrote on his Twitter account.

  2. Глава сербского оборонного ведомства Милош Вучевич подтвердил, что Вооруженные силы республики получили указание о срочном выдвижении подразделений к административной границе с Косовом и Метохией.

    Вице-премьер и министр обороны Сербии отметил в Twitter, что президент Сербии Александр Вучич подписал указ о повышении боевой готовности ВС Сербии до наивысшего уровня. Кроме того, Вучевич сообщил, что также был отдан приказ сербской армии выдвигаться в сторону к административной границе с Косово и Метохией.

    Ранее в Министерстве обороны Сербии заявляли, что страны Североатлантического альянса не просили разрешение Белграда на проведение учений в Косово. Об этом рассказал госсекретарь сербского оборонного ведомства Неманья Старович.

  3. Президент Сербии Александр Вучич призвал НАТО предотвратить насилие над сербами в Косово. Об этом он заявил после подписания приказа о повышении боевой готовности частей Вооруженных сил страны до высшей степени 25 мая.

    «Вучич потребовал от НАТО срочно остановить насилие в отношении сербов в Косово и Метохии», — пишет издание Kurir.

    Отмечается, что глава государства привел армию в боевую готовность на фоне насильственных действий косовской полиции, совершаемых в адрес сербского населения в Звечане, Зубин-Потоке и Лепосавиче на севере Косово и Метохии.

  4. Traffic has been blocked in central Belgrade ahead of a rally in support of the national government to be held in front of the parliamentary building, a TASS correspondent reported on Friday.

    Dozens of buses, which have brought people from all around the country, are parked on central streets blocking traffic. Thousands of people are gathering in front of the parliamentary building with Serbian flags and banners in their hands. "Serbia without Kosovo and Metohija is a Human without a Heart" reads one of the banners.

    Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic earlier called on people to take part in the pro-government Serbia of Hope rally in front of the parliamentary building on May 26. He called for the rally after huge public outcry in connection with two shootings that occurred on consecutive days in the country on May 3 and 4. The first was a school shooting in Belgrade where ten people died and seven were wounded, followed up by eight people being killed and 14 wounded by an armed man in Mladenovac the next day.


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