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Those responsible for terror attack on Donetsk will be punished - Russian FM

Ukraine’s attack on Donetsk is a terror attack against Russian civilians and those responsible for it will inevitably be punished, the Russian foreign ministry said.

"Kiev’s neo-Nazi regime, backed by the United States and its satellites, has staged another barbaric terror attack against Russia’s civilian population," the ministry said,

"Russia’s Investigative Committee has begun a probe into this crime. All those responsible for this and other terror attacks on our soil will inevitably be punished," it warned.


  1. Ukraine’s strike on Donetsk that claimed 25 lives will the focus of a Russia-requested meeting of the United Nations Security Council on January 22 that will be attended by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyansk said.

  2. Террористические атаки Киева свидетельствуют об отсутствии у него политической воли к миру и урегулированию конфликта дипломатическим путем, заявили в МИД РФ.
    Террористические атаки Киева свидетельствуют об отсутствии у него политической воли к миру и урегулированию конфликта дипломатическим путем, очевидна необходимость достижения всех целей и задач СВО, считают в МИД.
    "С территории Украины не должны исходить угрозы безопасности и совершаться акты терроризма", - заключили в МИД РФ.

  3. Eighteen people, including two children, were taken to hospitals after being wounded in Ukraine’s strike on Donetsk, the Russian health ministry said,

    "Medics hospitalized 18 Donetsk residents, including two children, who were wounded as a result on Ukraine’s strike on a market in the city’s Kirovsky district on the morning of January 21. Two people received outpatient assistance," it said.

    According to the ministry, one of the two hospitalized children is in a serious condition. The majority of the hospitalized adults are in grave conditions.

  4. January 22 has been declared a day of mourning in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) following Sunday’s shelling attack on Donetsk that killed 25 civilians.

    "A day of mourning for the victims of the Kiev regime’s barbaric aggression against the region’s civilian population has been declared on January 22," DPR’s head Denis Pushilin wrote on his Telegram channel.

  5. Число погибших в результате обстрелов ВСУ по территории ДНР выросло до 28, число пострадавших выросло до 30, заявил глава ДНР Денис Пушилин в своем Telegram-канале.

  6. United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has strongly condemned Ukraine’s shelling attack on Donetsk, killing more than 20 civilians.

    "The Secretary-General strongly condemns all attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure, including today’s shelling of the city of Donetsk in Ukraine, which reportedly killed at least 25 people and injured more than 20 others," the spokesperson for the UN chief said.

    "Attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure are prohibited under international humanitarian law, are unacceptable and must stop immediately," Guterres stressed.


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