Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Moscow Slams Israeli Ambassador's Remarks Over Holocaust Remembrance Day in Russia

Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Simona Halperin made a number of unacceptable and provocative statements about Moscow, the Russian Foreign Ministry said, referring to the Israeli diplomat's remarks about the alleged Russian side's attitude to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

In her interview with Russian newspaper Kommersant, published on Monday, Halperin said that she regretted that the International Holocaust Remembrance Day was not an official day in the state calendar of Russia, adding Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was allegedly downplaying the Holocaust that the Jewish people endured. The Russian Foreign Ministry told Sputnik that the Israeli ambassador would be summoned to the ministry over the statements. 

"In her interview published in the Kommersant newspaper on February 5, the recently arrived Israeli Ambassador to Russia Simona Halperin allowed herself a number of unacceptable and provocative statements about Russia," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, published on its website on Monday.
The Russian Foreign Ministry also pointed to the UN General Assembly resolution initiated by Moscow in 2005, which contributed to the establishment of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27.

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  1. Israeli Ambassador Simona Halperin has left the Russian foreign ministry where she was summoned to due to her inadmissible media pronouncements.

    She refused to speak to journalists when leaving the ministry after spending some 100 minutes there.


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