Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Ukraine insists on lifting the ban on US strikes on Russia

At the NATO summit, Ukraine wants to seek permission to use weapons supplied by the United States for attacks on Russian territory, Politico reports. Therefore, Kyiv intends to increase pressure on the administration of US President Joe Biden.

In particular, according to the chief adviser to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky Andrey Ermak, Ukraine will ask for permission for long-range tactical missile systems for attacks on the Russian Federation.

Kyiv is also waiting for specific and complete information on the volume of exported weapons and delivery dates, the material says. Ermak complained about the delays in military aid already approved by the US Congress.

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  1. Officials at the NATO summit in Washington admitted that Europe and the United States are falling behind in producing weapons to meet Ukraine's needs.

    According to The Wall Street Journal, many admit, including defense companies and the Pentagon, that their early estimates were too optimistic about how quickly they could ramp up production of the weapons Kyiv needs.


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