Saturday, September 20, 2014

Αγρότες έκαψαν δημόσια κτίρια στη Γαλλία (2 video)

Εξαγριωμένοι αγρότες έκαψαν εφορία και κτίριο που στεγαζόντουσαν υπηρεσίες κοινωνικής ασφάλισης, στην πόλη Morlaix της Βρετάνης, σύμφωνα με το BBC.

Οι αγρότες βρίσκονται «επί ποδός πολέμου», καθώς οι τιμές των προϊόντων τους έχουν πάρει την κατιούσα, αφού αυτά πλέον δεν μπορούν να διατεθούν στη ρωσική αγορά, λόγων των αντίμετρων της Μόσχας στις Δυτικές κυρώσεις.

Πριν πυρπολήσουν τα δημόσια κτίρια, είχαν πετάξει στους δρόμους της πόλης μεγάλες ποσότητες από αγκινάρες, κουνουπίδια, καθώς και κοπριά.

Από την πλευρά του ο γάλλος πρωθυπουργός Manuel Valls καταδίκασε τις πράξεις των αγροτών, αλλά παράλληλα τους κάλεσε να συνεχίσουν τον διάλογο με το υπουργείο Γεωργίας.


  1. Protest by French Farmers Turns Violent: Reports...

    Protesting farmers in Morlaix, Brittany have set fire to government buildings, Reuters reported Saturday.

    "Nothing can justify these acts of violence," France's Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll was quoted by Reuters as saying Saturday.

    According to news agency, the protesters set fire to public buildings and dumped in the streets the vegetables, including artichokes, broccoli and potatoes, that they were unable to sell at the desired rates. The protesters also obstructed the work of the fire brigade.

    "It is particularly shocking that the fire service was prevented from doing its job," French Prime Minister Manuel Valls was quoted by Reuters as saying. "Legal proceedings will be carried out against the perpetrators of these acts."

    According to BBC News, the main reasons behind the protests are the falling prices and export levels caused by the Russian embargo on Western food imports.

    In response to Western sanctions imposed against Russia over the Ukrainian crisis, Moscow implemented on August 7 a one-year import ban on certain food products from the European Union, the United States, Australia, Canada and Norway.]

  2. French farmers torch tax office in Brittany protest...

    French vegetable farmers protesting against falling living standards have set fire to tax and insurance offices in town of Morlaix, in Brittany.

    The farmers used tractors and trailers to dump artichokes, cauliflowers and manure in the streets and also smashed windows, police said.

    Prime Minister Manuel Valls condemned protesters for preventing firefighters from dealing with the blaze.

    The farmers say they cannot cope with falling prices for their products.

    A Russian embargo on some Western goods - imposed over the Ukraine crisis - has blocked off one of their main export markets.

    About 100 farmers first launched an overnight attack on an insurance office outside Morlaix, which they set light to and completely destroyed, officials said.

    They then drove their tractors to the main tax office in the town where they dumped unsold artichokes and cauliflowers, smashed windows and then set the building on fire.

    French media said the farmers then blocked a busy main road in Morlaix in both directions.

    In a statement, Mr Valls "vigorously" condemned the "looting and destruction by fire" of the buildings.

    He said violence was not justified and the perpetrators would be prosecuted...............


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