Friday, July 21, 2017

Japan, Taiwan scramble fighters in response to Chinese bombers

Miyako Strait
 Japan and Taiwan scrambled fighter jets on Thursday after China flew a squadron of strategic bombers over the western Pacific, according to a Taiwanese press report.

The Liberty Times reported Friday the Chinese bombers flew from the East China Sea to the western Pacific, an exercise that may have been conducted to warn Taiwan and Japan.

Beijing is locked in a territorial and maritime dispute in the waters and claims the Japan-administered Senkaku Islands.

China flew eight Xian H-6 strategic bombers and two Shaanxi Y-8 drone carrier aircraft.

The planes flew across airspace near Taiwan then traveled over the Miyako Strait, a waterway that lies between Miyako Island and Okinawa Island.

Taiwanese newspaper United Daily News reported the Y-8 aircraft were equipped with electromagnetic interference technology used to create disturbances for communication systems.


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