Friday, May 11, 2018

EU foreign ministers to meet in London to save Iran nuclear deal: report

EU foreign ministers
Foreign ministers from the European Union (EU) members are expected to meet in London on Monday for a crisis meeting with Iran in order to save the Iran nuclear deal after US President Donald Trump pulled out of the nuclear agreement, the Guardian newspaper reported Thursday.

"Foreign ministers aim to reassure Tehran that the nuclear deal is salvageable at a meeting currently slated for Monday in London which they are expecting their Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif to attend," the newspaper said.

The meeting is being arranged at a time when Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Europe had a "very limited opportunity" to save the landmark deal.

EU ministers hope to put forward a credible package to soothe Iranian fears about the effect of Trump's decision on EU-Iranian trade, the newspaper said.

"The ministers recognise that Iran will only stay inside the deal if it is confident that the promised economic benefits can survive US sanctions," the newspaper said. "But they were keen to stress that Trump's move had not necessarily dealt the agreement a fatal blow."

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