Saturday, July 21, 2018

Turkey, US start talks on sanctions against Iran

Turkey, US start talks on sanctions against Iran
Turkish and American officials on Friday started to discuss forthcoming US sanctions against Iran, as Turkey is one of the main importers of Iranian oil.

US Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing Marshall Billingslea has met with Turkish Foreign Ministry, treasury and central bank officials, as well as Turkish companies having trade with Iran during two-day of talks in capital Ankara.

"What we discussed with Turkish government are potential implications for Turkish companies and Turkish economy to take different measures," Anadolu Agency quoted the US official as saying on Friday.

Turkish Foreign Ministry said that the upcoming sanctions on Iran are of importance for Turkey.

"Our relevant authorities are carrying out necessary work for Turkey not to be negatively impacted by the upcoming sanctions. In this regard, we are holding consultations with our American counterparts," said the ministry in a written statement.

"Iran is an important neighbour for Turkey, in view of both our bilateral economic and commercial relations as well as our energy imports. Therefore, we will continue to monitor US sanctions within this framework," said the Turkish ministry.

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