Friday, September 11, 2020

Taiwan condemns Chinese exercises as 'severe threat' to security

Taiwan condemns Chinese exercises as 'severe threat' to security
Taiwan is urging China to exercise restraint following the flight of Beijing's military aircraft off the coast of Taiwan, actions that endanger international commercial flights, according to Taipei.

Taiwan's ministries of national defense and foreign affairs condemned a joint naval-air exercise 90 miles from the Taiwanese coast that has involved dozens of Chinese military aircraft in Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone, Taipei Times and Taiwan's Central News Agency reported Friday.

In separate press briefings late Thursday, the ministries held the Chinese Communist Party responsible for the unprecedented drills that are being interpreted as provocations from Beijing.

According to Taiwan's military, China conducted drills Wednesday and Thursday with more than 30 military aircraft. Seven Chinese warships were also training in waters southwest of Taiwan.

Taipei said the military aircraft entered Taiwan's ADIZ 21 times in the span of two days. Chinese troops exercised in an area only about 100 miles from Taiwanese territory, Taipei's military said, including photos of the Chinese weapons in the briefing on Thursday.

Taiwan's Deputy Defense Minister Chang Che-ping said the incursions into Taiwan's ADIZ represent a "severe threat" to Taiwan's air defense and regional stability.

"The actions of the Chinese military have already caused resentment among the people of Taiwan," Taipei said...

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  1. The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) announced new maritime exercises in the Yellow Sea on Monday, as the US launched the Valiant Shield exercises around Guam, and the island of Taiwan started the computer-aided war games phase of the Han Kuang drills, with media saying both the US and Taiwan drills are aimed at the PLA.


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