Saturday, September 18, 2021

Lebanon accuses Israel of violating maritime border agreement - AA

Zone No. 9

Lebanon on Saturday denounced Israel's preparations for oil and gas exploration in a disputed maritime area between the two countries.

Israel’s granting “of offshore exploration contracts to Halliburton Company or others in the disputed area constitutes a violation and a blow to the framework agreement sponsored by the US and the United Nations," Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri said in a statement.

The statement came in response to reports that Tel Aviv awarded Halliburton with a contract to carry out oil and gas exploration in the disputed area.

Lebanon is locked in a dispute with Israel over an area in the Mediterranean Sea spanning about 860 square kilometers (some 332 square miles), known as Zone No. 9, which is rich with oil and gas.

The maritime borders between Lebanon and Israel have not seen any military conflicts, unlike their land borders...




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  1. Lebanese Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri called on the UN Security Council on Saturday to examine whether Israel violated Lebanese sovereignty, according to Maariv.
    "Israel violated negotiations by signing contracts for drilling under disputed waters," said Berri. "If they continue, it will be an act of aggression and a threat to peace," he added.
    Berri then reportedly requested the Lebanese foreign ministry to contact the UN Security Council on the matter.


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