Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Biden Announces Ban on Russian Oil Imports - Sputnik International

US President Joe Biden has announced a total ban on Russian energy imports, including oil and gas.

"Today I'm announcing the United States is targeting the main artery of Russia's economy. We're banning all imports of Russian oil and gas and energy. That means Russian oil will no longer be acceptable at US ports and the American people will deal another powerful blow to Putin's war machine," Biden said in a televised address Tuesday morning.

"This is a move that has strong bipartisan support in Congress and I believe in the country. Americans have rallied to support the Ukrainian people and made it clear we will not be part of subsidizing Putin's war," Biden added.

Biden said he had consulted allies around the world before making the decision, particularly in Europe. "We're moving forward with this ban understanding that many of our European partners and allies may not be in a position to join us," he said, pointing to America's domestic oil production capabilities compared to those of its NATO allies.

"But we're working closely with Europe and our partners to develop a long-term strategy to reduce their dependance on Russian energy as well," Biden said.


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  1. Borrell: EU Does Not Intend to Ban Russian Energy Imports


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