Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Russia Sees US-Japan Exercises as a Security Threat – Al-Manar TV Lebanon

Joint naval exercises of the United States and Japan threaten the security of our country, said Igor Morgulov, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation.

“The relatively high intensity of the joint naval exercises of Japan and the United States near the Russian border. Of course, this provokes an increase in tension in the region,” he told RIA Novosti.

“Such maneuvers, which are often joined by representatives of other states, including NATO members, differ both in scale and in that they practice operations that, although they are declared defensive, are potentially offensive in nature.

At the same time, in the statements of the Japanese military leadership, the need for exercises is justified by the ‘activity’ of the Russian Armed Forces in the Far East,” Morgulov said.

“We see in such actions of the Japanese side a threat to the security of our country. We directly warn Tokyo about this through diplomatic channels,” the Russian deputy minister added.

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