Wednesday, June 8, 2022

No substantive talks on Russian grain exports - Peskov

(Interfax) - There are no substantive talks on Russian grain exports at this point, and grain traders have been dealing with numerous difficulties caused by sanctions, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

"You are aware of what President Putin has said. He said that the delivery of Russian grain to global markets would require an alteration of the sanctions, both direct and indirect, the sanctions related to ship insurance, the impossibility of calls on European ports and so on in regard to ships carrying this grain. All of that is significantly hindering the process," Peskov said at a briefing on Wednesday when asked whether Russia is in talks with anyone but Turkey about grain exports and whether a relaxation of anti-Russian sanctions is being discussed in this context.

There are also questions about payment for the grain, Peskov said. "There are no substantive talks on the subject just yet. In fact, traders are addressing the matter but are bumping into a wall of restrictions," he said.

As for the talks held in Turkey, Peskov said they focused on the transportation of Ukrainian grain. "A dialogue has been established on this matter, and its other aspects are to be addressed by traders," he said.

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