Thursday, January 12, 2023

Pentagon chief doubts China’s invasion of Taiwan is imminent

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin doubts that China’s invasion of Taiwan is imminent, as he himself said at a press conference following a meeting between the US and Japanese foreign policy and defense chiefs.

"I won’t second-guess Mr Xi but I will tell you that what we’re seeing recently is some very provocative behavior on the part of China’s forces and their attempt to reestablish a new normal," Austin pointed out in response to a question. "We’ve seen increased activity, aerial activity in the straits, we’ve seen increased surface vessel activity around Taiwan and again, we believe that they endeavor to establish a new normal. But whether or not that means that an invasion is imminent, you know, I seriously doubt that," he noted.

Austin also called on China to keep lines of communication open. "That dialogue is enormously important," he stressed.

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