Saturday, March 25, 2023

Putin: "I fully agree with the conclusion that the US special services are behind the sabotage of the Nord Stream"

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared this Saturday that he fully agrees with the conclusion that the American special services are behind the sabotage against the Nord Stream gas pipelines, issued by the journalist Seymour Hersh.

In an interview with the Rossiya 24 television channel, Putin was asked about the investigation carried out by Denmark, Sweden and Germany, as well as the recent discovery of an unidentified object near the gas pipeline. The president pointed out that Moscow discussed this issue with the Danish authorities and offered them "to carry out an investigation with international experts."

 "We received the response that our services were not needed and if they were needed we would be informed. After the UN became concerned, we received a response from the Danish authorities in the form of a diplomatic note, in which they said that they had examined the object before and they believed that it was not explosive. They should have been more sincere in saying that 'it is no longer explosive', we don't know what happened there," the Russian leader said.

Asked if the world will ever know the truth about what happened and if there will be a real investigation, the Russian leader replied:

    "I think it will be difficult to achieve, but one day it will probably be known definitively what was done and how it was done."


  1. Russian President Vladimir Putin agrees with the conclusions drawn by American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh that US special services were involved in the Nord Stream pipeline explosions.

    "The American journalist, who has become rather famous now worldwide, carried out such an investigation and as we know, drew a conclusion that blast on the gas pipelines was organized by the US special services. I fully agree with such conclusions," Putin said.

  2. There is no point for Russian specialists to take part in the examination of the object found near the Nord Stream pipelines, as according to Denmark, the situation is no longer explosive, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on the Rossiya-24 news channel on Saturday.

    "I do not think it makes sense for us to get into that now, since one of the NATO countries, or Denmark, told us that they had already examined it, which means that the situation is not explosive," Putin said.

    "Honestly speaking, for us, the point was not to incriminate someone, but to ensure security so that there would be no other explosions," Putin explained.

    "If the Danes say that it is no longer explosive, well, thank God," the Russian leader said.

    The President recalled that after Gazprom received permission from the Danish authorities it explored the area around the pipeline moving further from the place where explosions occurred. At a distance of 30 kilometers from the place of explosions they found an object at the junction of the pipes.

    "This is the most vulnerable spot - it is in the very same spot but 30 kilometers away where the explosions occurred," Putin noted.

    According to him, "all this was photographed and presented to explosives specialists.

    "They believe that this is possibly an antenna for receiving a signal either from the air or from space to initiate an explosive device," the head of state explained.


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