Tuesday, May 16, 2023

EU to curb Indian fuel imports made with Russian oil

Josep Borrell, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, has said that the bloc will act against the importation of Indian petroleum products that use Russian oil, in rare explicit criticism of India’s role in helping Russia evade Western sanctions amid the war in Ukraine.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Borell said the EU did not mind increased oil trade between Russia and India but urged a crackdown on India reselling Russian oil into Europe as refined fuel, including diesel.

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  1. In an interview with the Financial Times, European Union’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said the EU must crack down on India reselling Russian oil into Europe.

    “If diesel or gasoline is entering Europe … coming from India and being produced with Russian oil, that is certainly a circumvention of sanctions and member states have to take measures,” the EU’s chief diplomat said.

    “That India buys Russian oil, it’s normal … But if they use that in order to be a centre where Russian oil is being refined and by-products are being sold to us …  we have to act,” Borrell said.

    Borrell said he would raise the issue with India’s Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar when they meet on Tuesday.

    India has become a key buyer of Russian oil following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine due to its low cost.


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