Wednesday, May 17, 2017

МИД САР осуждает незаконные военные операции «коалиции», осуществляющиеся без разрешения правительства страны

Министерство иностранных дел и по делам эмигрантов САР направило два идентичных послания генеральному секретарю и председателю Совбеза ООН о незаконных налетах «международной коалиции» на населенный пункт Аль-Экершев в провинции Ракка и город Аль-Букамаль в провинции Дейр-эз-Зор, из-за чего погибли десятки мирных граждан.

МИД САР самым решительным образом осудил незаконные военные и подобные им операции «коалиции», которые осуществляются без разрешения сирийского правительства и координации с ним, рассматривая их как агрессиею против сирийского народа, что является вопиющим нарушением суверенитета и территориальной целостности страны.

Сирия вновь требует от Совета Безопасности ООН остановить агрессию «международной коалиции» против сирийского народа, тем более, что она выходит за рамки резолюций Совбеза и грубо нарушает Устав ООН, сообщается с документе.

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  1. Foreign and Expatriates Ministry described as “blatant aggression against the Syrian people and flagrant violation of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity” the airstrikes of the illegal US-led coalition which killed dozens of innocent Syrian civilians in al-Ekirshi village in Raqqa province and al-Boukamal in Deir Ezzor, SANA reported.

    “On May 15th, 2017, the illegal US-led coalition killed more than 26 people in al-Ekirshi village in Raqqa province,” said the ministry in two letters addressed to the Secretary General of the United Nations and Chairman of the UN Security Council, adding that “the death toll is expected to rise due to the number of severely injured civilians and the huge destruction caused to the houses.”

    The Ministry referred to the US-led Coalition airstrikes against civilians in al-Boukamal city which claimed the lives of more than 31 people, the majority of whom were children and women, indicating that many civilians were severely injured while others are still trapped under the debris as the attack caused the collapse of several residential buildings with inhabitants inside.

    In its letters, the ministry noted that the international coalition forces admitted in a statement issued last week that hundreds of innocent civilians were killed by mistake during their operations in Syria, adding that the formal acknowledgement of committing massacres against thousands of innocent children and women leaves no room for doubt about the catastrophic consequences of this coalition on the Syrian people.

    The coalition forces’ continued crimes against women picking cotton, not to mention the killing of children, elderly people and innocents set evidence that these acts were committed according to a certain course that cannot be morally justified or accepted, it added.

    The ministry condemned in the strongest possible terms the coalition forces’ repeated attacks, that are denounced by the international law and the UN Charter, as they do not target the terrorists and the parties which support them rather they enabled those terrorists to commit more crimes against Syria.

    The ministry made clear that Syria, based on its responsibility to protect its people and borders, reiterated that the real enemy to the Syrian people is the terrorist organizations such as the ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra which the US-led coalition as well as other states like Saudi Arania, Turkey, Qatar and Britain supply with weapons and funds in order to achieve their goal in destroying Syria, killing its people and prolonging war serving their interests and policies.

    It concluded that Syria, once again, demands the UNSC to halt and never overlook the attacks committed by the illegal US-led coalition against the Syrian people which violate the UNSC resolutions and the UN Charter, adding that nowadays, more respect of the international humanitarian law is required.


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